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Mary Magdalena is an artist, mother, teacher, spiritual guidance practitioner, author and practical visionary... now owner of Mary's Market and Deli, Hygiene, Co.Through this web site she hopes to share with you her love of life and how that manifests into her creative expression:

Art:  Mary is a landscape oil painter using a palette knife spreading the abundance of color and texture to express her love of the Earth. She is currently teaching art classes to adults and children.

  • Gallery: displays her work, both current paintings and ones that have sold.
  • Store: represents the paintings that are currently for sale.
  • Classes:
    • Adult Painting Classes to be offered this spring 2012
    • Summer Art/ Farm Camp 2012, registering in February contact Mary at msmarymagdalena@gmail.com for flier and forms



  • Spiritual Counseling: Mary has been successfully “Inner Focusing” clients for 20 years. She is available for private sessions in person or over the phone. $85.00 per session
  • Meditations: New group will be starting in the spring 2012
  • Books:
    • The Great Mother’s Handbook of Love, newly released. Mary brings her inspiring relationship with The Great Mother alive for you in this handbook of Love.
  • Coaching: Private sessions and classes
    • Sensitive children and their families
    • Gluten-free, dairy-free,sugar-free

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Gallery Preview
Pink Mountains

The Great Mother is watching over you.